How long have you been missing teeth?

Now is the time to restore your smile the Wright way.

With all the full dentures and partial dentures choices at Wright Dentures & Dental Care, you are virtually guaranteed to find the right option to fit your needs and budget. We offer three different denture options. Patients can choose custom, natural or basic dentures that matches their budget and needs.

Elite Dentures

Our finest dentures offer a superb array of gum shades and the hardest acrylic on the market with a overnight cure process and your choice of tooth size and color. Our wax try-ins give you that special personalized look you want with your dentures. The Elite Denture package has a 10 year warranty on the teeth and a 5 year warranty on the Acrylic.


Deluxe Dentures

Our deluxe dentures offer the Personalization of a wax try-in with a variety of tooth shades and sizes, along with a warranty of 5 years on the teeth and 1 year on the acrylic. 

Functional Dentures

Our natural-looking pink acrylics are carefully selected for their appearance and ease of care. With a warranty of 1 year on the teeth and 6 months on the acrylic. This is a great option when you want an exceptional value. You won’t believe how affordable they are.

Basic Dentures

Our no frills durable denture. Our basic denture is fabricated with the classic pink acrylic. With a warranty of 90 days on both the teeth and the acrylic. Now anyone can afford to have dentures, even on a super-tight budget.

Immediate Dentures

After your remaining natural teeth are removed, your immediate denture is placed directly in the mouth. You will never have to appear in public without teeth. Your immediate denture acts like a bandage and helps control bleeding. By keeping bits of food from entering the tooth sockets, it helps keep tooth extraction sites from getting infected. Placing your immediate denture right after your natural teeth are removed will also help you learn to speak and chew more quickly. Prices of Extractions are not included in the cost of the denture.

Partial Dentures

We offer a full line of acrylic and cast-metal partial dentures for people who are missing a few teeth and need to fill their smile gap and restore their bite and chewing function.


For more on full dentures and partial dentures, call Wright Dentures & Dental Care at 816.461.2916 or 800.8.DENTURE (800.833.6887) from Raytown, Blue Springs, Kansas City, Lee's Summit, Independence (Jackson County, MO) and Johnson County, KS. Or for your convenience, you can use our Online Request an Appointment form.


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