The Wright way to restore your smile

Whether you have damaged or missing teeth, we can restore your smile and make it more attractive at the same time. That's what restorative dentistry is all about. Comprehensive restorative dentistry is aimed at patients who suffer from common oral health problems that require care.

Restorative techniques often overlap with cosmetic dental procedures because today's restorations not only look and feel natural but they can improve your appearance, as well. At Wright Dentures & Dental Care, restorative dentistry includes:


Dental Crowns

We use crowns (dental cap) to cover damaged (cracked or chipped teeth), or to protect teeth that have had previous fillings and need extra structural support. Crowns are carefully made to cover the portion of teeth exposed from the gum line to the tooth surface. Our dentists can precisely match the color of your other teeth to give this kind of restoration the most natural look and feel. 


Dental Bridges

We create dental bridges that anchor to neighboring teeth and replace missing teeth in between them. The missing tooth replaced by your dental bridge  is actually a natural-looking prosthetic tooth that is held in place by the natural teeth on either side. Like crowns (above), dental bridges are most commonly made from high-quality materials – metals, porcelain, ceramic or a fused combination of two different materials. We take into account your facial esthetics, bite function and tissue compatibility when we choose the material that's best for your teeth.


Esthetic Fillings

Today's fillings are among the best advances in dentistry. Modern composite materials allow us to restore teeth as closely as possible to their original strength using the most conservative techniques.  


Dentures & Partial Dentures

For people who have lost more than one or two teeth, dentures can provide a great combination of improved bite function and esthetics. Partial dentures are a great solution for people who have lost several teeth, but not all. Partial dentures can also help protect existing healthy teeth. Dentures restore the ability to bite and chew properly. They also prevent the sagging facial appearance that is often caused by missing several or all of your teeth.


To learn more about restorative dentistry, call Wright Dentures & Dental Care at 816.461.2916 or 800.8.DENTURE (800.833.6887) from Lee's Summit, Independence, Raytown, Blue Springs, Kansas City (Jackson County, MO) and Johnson County, KS. Or for your convenience, you can use our Online Request an Appointment form.


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