Helpful Information About Dental Fillings

One aspect of the nightly routine that some people fail to keep up is brushing and flossing before bed. Brushing and flossing the teeth can seem like it only benefits the outside of the teeth to many people. In reality, cleaning the teeth is detrimental to the inner layers of the teeth. Plaque that builds up over time can weaken the enamel and eventually get into the tooth. This is where dental fillings in Independence, MO can help.

At Wright Dentures and Implants, we do everything in our power to preserve the natural tooth. This can include protecting the tooth by removing the infected portion and sealing the empty tooth with a dental filling to prevent further infection. With this preventive treatment technique, patients can still have the functionality and appearance of a natural tooth.

If you feel pain in your tooth or several teeth, visit us for a checkup. The cause may be an infection, which we can treat.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings in Independence, MO are more customizable than some people may believe with various types of materials including, gold, amalgam, porcelain and composite. During a consultation, we will go over the various dental filling options and the one that will work best for the patient. Regardless of the material, benefits of a dental filling include:

  • Preventing infection from forming on what is left of the natural tooth
  • Preventing the infection from spreading to other teeth or areas of the mouth
  • Investing in a long-lasting solution that does not require extensive at-home maintenance
  • Protecting the tooth from further pain by removing the infection
  • A discreet appearance not very noticeable to the naked eye

The dental filling will help to protect the remainder of the tooth while also offering a fairly discreet appearance. In general, dental fillings can last years without much of an issue. However, damage to the filling can cause pain or place the teeth at risk of infection again.

Signs You may need a Dental Filling in Independence, MO

People may not realize that each tooth has three layers with the innermost layer being the most sensitive. The outer layer is the enamel. This is the visible layer of the tooth and the layer that people clean with a toothbrush. This layer faces the brunt of any food or liquid that enter the mouth, which is why oral hygiene is so important.

The second layer is the dentin, which contains the dental pulp. The dental pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves, making it extremely sensitive. A damaged tooth that exposes the dentin will cause pain and make the simple act of eating or drinking difficult. Signs that a patient needs a filling can include:

  • Pain in the jaw around the tooth
  • Pain in a specific tooth when biting down on it
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Swelling in the cheeks
  • Fever

While the symptoms will vary per patient, the longer someone waits to seek treatment, the worse it will get. The pain can start out as a dull ache that becomes an intense throbbing over time. The main reason infections form on the teeth is from untreated tooth decay and plaque buildup. If patients wait too long to seek treatment, then the tooth may be beyond saving.

The Dental Filling Process

Before placing a dental filling, we will need to remove the infected portion of the tooth. We will numb the patient, so they do not feel any pain during this procedure. Once we remove the infected portion, we will clean out the tooth itself to ensure no amount of infection remains. The entire procedure will take around an hour. We will then insert the filling into the open space.

We will make sure the filling fits properly to prevent the chance of anything entering the gap. Once it is set, we will go over proper care techniques for the filling. While the filling is fairly durable, it is still possible to damage it or knock it loose. Following the treatment, patients will need to give the numbing sensation a few hours to wear off.

The patient does not need to change the regular brushing and flossing each day. However, the patient should be careful when eating sticky and hard foods. If you believe you need a dental filling or are struggling with a toothache, call us and schedule an appointment. We will examine your teeth and determine the treatment you need to relieve the symptoms and benefit your oral health. Do not hesitate to seek the treatment and care you need today.

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