Helpful Information about Implant-Supported Dentures

Losing permanent teeth can make simple actions such as eating and speaking more difficult. Missing teeth can also increase the risk of infection in the mouth. With various replacement options, people are not always sure what to choose. Dentures can restore one’s teeth but include are a variety of factors that impact one’s lifestyle in various ways. This can include proper denture care, one’s diet and seeking regular adjustments. Fortunately, we offer alternative treatment methods.

At Wright Dentures and Implants, we strive to provide patients with the ideal tooth replacement options to meet their lifestyle and oral health needs. For patients who do not like the idea of dentures becoming loose and falling out, implant supported dentures are the answer to replace an entire row of missing teeth.

Invest in implant supported dentures and a restored smile with our implant supported dentures.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

While some people prefer traditional dentures, it is not the only option they have to settle with. When it comes to repairing one’s teeth, settling for treatment will only cause the patient to feel disappointed with their smile. At Wright Dentures and Implants, we provide patients with multiple tooth replacement options to help patients maintain a full set of functional and aesthetically pleasing teeth.

With implant supported dentures, the patient will have four dental implants inserted into the jawbone in order to hold a row of artificial teeth in place. Benefits of this treatment include:

  • A permanent set of artificial teeth that do not fall out
  • No need to remove the dentures to clean them
  • Comfortable and customized fit
  • Natural-looking appearance
  • Helping to prevent any possible speech issues
  • Easier to clean than crooked teeth
  • Lasting and sturdy set of artificial teeth
  • Helps prevent jawbone resorption

It is important to note that while implant supported dentures are artificial, they will need proper care in order to prevent other oral health issues. Since these dentures remain in the mouth, patients will not need to remove them to soak them each night. By stimulating the jawbone, patients will also be able to prevent resorption.

The process of resorption occurs in the body when there is no stimulation to the jawbone as a result of missing teeth. The body absorbs calcium in the unused jawbone to distribute it to other areas in the body. This causes the face to change shape and the jawbone to recede. Implant supported dentures provide the stimulation to prevent resorption from occurring.


At Wright Dentures and Implants, we understand that deciding whether to get implant supported dentures or another option can be difficult. Our team is here to help answer any questions the patient may have along with addressing any concerns. Here are a few of the common questions we hear and our answers to them.

How many implants do these dentures Need?

In general, it will require four dental implants at specific points in the jaw to stimulate it while also providing a sturdy base for the denture. We can replace both the top, bottom and both rows of teeth.

Are implant supported dentures Indestructible?

While they are fairly sturdy, implant supported dentures are still susceptible to damage or wear and tear. The dentures may allow patients to continue eating the foods they like so long as the patient is careful when biting down on certain types of food. While certain types of implant supported dentures are not removable, some are. If the patient removes the dentures and accidentally drops them for any reason, then they can break.

How do I take care of these Dentures?

Since the dentures are not natural teeth, they will not have the same risk of infection as the original teeth. However, food or plaque can build up on them that can infect the gums or other areas of the mouth. If the dentures are removable, cleaning will involve gently brushing and rinsing the teeth to remove any food or plaque.

People will soak removable dentures in a solution overnight to clean them. We can go over the type of solution people need to soak the dentures. Rinsing the mouth out with water after a meal can help to prevent food from remaining in the teeth.

How long will the implant supported dentures process Take?

While the time of each appointment can vary, the process will involve multiple appointments. This is to remove any other teeth that are infected beyond repair, preparing the jaw, placing the implants and designing the artificial teeth to fit the patient’s mouth.

Will I need regular dental Checkups?

Yes. While implant supported dentures are sturdy and will not get infected, the patient may need adjustments from time to time and a review of their overall health. Fortunately, we can provide these services in one location to help patients receive the care they need.

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